Functioning non-functioning

Slight trigger warning - Self Harm is mentioned in this post. It's in the context of how I deal(t) with overwhelming situations.I just wanted to make you aware before you scrolled down. It's not a big piece, just a sentence. This was a phrase my friend said, as we both seem to fall into this... Continue Reading →

Shoes maketh the man

My Grandfather once said, long before Kingsman, that "manners maketh man" which is of course, true. However, other things do too. Over the years I've seen my fellow Men in perfect-cut suits, or Smart/Business Casual dress which really showed them off. As my eyes went down their body though, I soon lost interest. There was... Continue Reading →

An Old Soul

I've been told this a few times in my life. I never paid attention to it, usually. Just listening to the overall message of what the person was talking about - not the "Oh Jay, you're such an Old Soul" tacked to the end of it.Yes, I have been called mature beyond my years.Yes I... Continue Reading →

Poly. Done oddly.

I've been thinking lately, about relationships and the state of them. How Polyamory is gaining popularity in the media and among groups online. This may not be defined as "Poly" in a strict sense, but it is recounting a time in my life where there was some degree of Polyamory, mixed with an Open Relationship.... Continue Reading →


When I say to my Friends, Family, Colleagues or anyone that I'm going back to the Netherlands, they always assume it's Amsterdam.For some reason it's synonymous and exactly the same. Completely inseparable. Like saying"Oh I'm going to the UK""Oh cool, London?"Well, maybe a bit, but not the entire time. I've always felt an affinity for... Continue Reading →

A Crohn’s-y Morning

You wake up, on a side that's safe or on your front. Laying on your back is too painful. Your organs push against your body and boy do they hurt.As you open your eyes, withdrawals come across your body in a hot, or cold wave so you reach for your meds. In doing so you... Continue Reading →

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